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Experience Pathare Prabhu cuisine near you

Pathare Prabhus - a community so elusive that it doesn't have either "Pathare" or "Prabhu" as family names. 

A people with a chequered and colourful past.

A people who helped shape the modern history of the magnificent city of Mumbai.

A community hiding in plain sight.

Following their own tradition.

Cooking up their own cuisine.

One of the best kept secrets of Mumbai, and of western India.

Come, taste a slice of this amazing secret and get a window on your unique heritage.

Come, dine with us. Dine with Vijaykars.

If there is one thing that you need to know about Pathare Prabhus is that they enjoyed seafood, and they still do. No meal at a PP household would go without some prawn or fish, unless the fish market is locked down.

Pathare Prabhus are one of the original settlers of Mumbai; they came to the island country along with their king in the early 13th century. They developed their unique lifestyle and cuisine, which continues to baffle and excite people all over.

But Pathare Prabhu cuisine is not easily accessible. There are secrets hidden in Pathare Prabhu households for generations, and in books that are centuries old, which we bring to you.

Prawn Methkut - a favourite with our gue
The Pathare Prabhu cuisine
Come, dine with us

Dine With Vijaykars (DWV) is a fruit of labor of love of a typical Pathare Prabhu family.

We are relentlessly working towards to preserve the secrets for the future generations and to make the lovely Pathare Prabhu food accessible to more and more people.

Along with our pop-up meals, we also offer food consulting and service food festivals.

Basically, if you crave for an authentic Pathare Prabhu meal, we are here for you.

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