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About us - DWV

Dine With Vijaykars started as a pop-up home kitchen serving up traditional Pathare Prabhu food every few fortnights in our ancestral villa in the relaxed Western suburb of Jogeshwari in Mumbai.


We quickly moved to other services like food festivals with hotels and social clubs, food consulting for restaurants and hotels, and extended our reach to other cities. DWV is proud to bring the pop-up meal culture to the millennium city of Gurugram along with other cities.


Today, DWV continues to be your one true source of authentic, traditional, and lip-smacking specialty food.

The DWV experience

We are a true-blue Pathare Prabhu (PP) family with a plan to make a memorable meal experience for you. We serve in the traditional Indian Thali format, with a pre-set menu that changes each time depending on the season and ingredients.

All items and recipes are based on tried-and-tasted methods of cooking with advice from generations of Pather Prabhu families. We have perfected these recipes by talking to ladies in different PP households, all the time matching notes with our own. We also make it a point to lovingly explain all methods, ingredients and food process to those who wish to learn about the lost recipes.


We have been organizing this at our homes in Mumbai and Gurugram, as well as in association with social clubs and hotels. We love to share snippets from our traditions with all who want to know about our niche cuisine and about the community.

Here is the inspiration behind most Pathare Prabhu kitchens, and also DWV.

This is "Grihini-Mitra" - the seminal and pioneering work of Smt. Lakshmibai Dhurandhar, first written in circa 1910 at Hyderabad - the work that has shown the way to generations of cookbooks and reams of food writeups till now. 

Our heirloom copy is the 13th edition, published in 1959, costing a massive Rs. 5/- at that time. It was handed down three generations now, still useful with its nuanced tips on the fine art of PP cuisine. 
This, along with copious notes taken from our ancestors, make DWV a truly unique and authentic experience.

Glimpse of what we cook and post