A fabulous experience & initiation into Pathare Prabhu cuisine! Our hosts - Shrikant & Sunetra were gracious, attentive to our needs & are such wonderfully cheerful people. I thoroughly enjoyed all food items in their menu esp. the mutton & bombil bhujna with a hint of tamarind & jaggery. I recommend this to all foodies in Mumbai!

I have been looking forward to this pop up for a while but somehow could not make it and finally last Sunday I managed to experience what I call one of my most satisfying dining experiences! The cuisine was absolutely new to me but did that alone leave me overwhelmed? No...add to that generous doses of gracious hospitality from the hosts Shreekant and Sunetra and you have one of your most memorable gastronomic experiences! Highly recommended if you love sea food!

Not just the food, but the overall concept of providing information about the Pathare Prabhu community. Explaining each dish. Sharing a common table with other nice people was a unique way of presenting a totally innovative concept in getting together for a meal 

Super Luncheon @ DWV
Had a awesome time gorging on some of the most amazing Pathare Prabhu (PP) cuisine. Mutton was something to die for but the the Pomfret gravy could have got us killed due to over-eating :)
Oyster bhaji khau ki fried bombil (bombay duck)...had to make some difficult choices....And how can I forget the Kela Poli and the kheer....sluuuurrrrpppp...
Difficult to decide whether it was the awesomeness of the food or the amazing hospitality of Vijaykars that kept us going... Waiting us for the next one...


Everything is just super ... the sea food is fresh the mutton is awesome the veg is good, a lot of the veggies are harvested in their own backyard... worth every penny ... What’s good about them is that it’s such a homely experience and there’s so much of socialising it’s just like a family meal ... chatting joking and eating... Sunetra and her husband make more than sure that you leave after putting on a kilo or two ...

I wud highly recommend at least once in a lifetime

The experience was like dining at a relative's place. Our hosts Shrikant and Sunetra were really warm and gracious. The food was amazing, right from the fish and mutton curry to the fried fish and the karandi loncha. The star of the show for me was the Bombil bhaji, though. It was all washed down with chhas. Dessert was Kheer and keli-poli, both wonderful. As if that wasn't enough, the grand finale was the Paan lovingly prepared by Uncle, who happily chatted with us and posed with us for a selfie. I am looking forward to the next time we dine at the Vijaykar's

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